Neele Bunjes - Comic & Illustration

Foto Neele Bunjes

Neele Bunjes, freelance illustrator and comic artist based in Hamburg.

"My appeal for illustration is not only based on its visual but particularly on its functional aspect: Illustration puts complex ideas across, uncovers the invisible and makes unlikely things likely. They combine unmatching things and (re-)animate thinking. Therefore the focus of my work is always the idea - it has to be intensive, memorable and, first of all, original. My usual style is a combination of high-contrasted hand drawings and digital coloration, but I'm also looking forward to any new challenge and the opportunity to check out some new techniques."

Neele Bunjes is one of the founders of the LUKS magazine,
member of the artist collective Tapir & Klotz and took part in various creative projects.


Arte Creative
Carta2020 Magazine
Enorm Magazine
Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affiars
Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung
Hans Meid Foundation
Psychologie Heute
Strapazin Comic Magazine
Universitity of Hamburg


September 2015: Finalist - Berthold Leibinger Comic Book Award 2016 with the graphic novel project "Nepenthes"


July 2016 Release and exhibition "Hortus", Glück und Selig Café Hamburg

November 2015 Release and exhibition "The Illustrated Pocket Calendar 2016", Gudberg Nerger Gallery Hamburg
October 2015 "Moin Kriens", Solo exhibition, Neubad Luzern
September 2015 "Okkult", Group exhibition, Frappant Hamburg
June 2015 "48h Wilhelmsburg", Group exhibition, Artists Residence Georgswerder, Hamburg
May 2015 "Stadt im Wald", Group exhibition, Projektor Hamburg

December 2014 "Sturmfrei", Group exhibition, Fabrik der Künste Hamburg
November 2014 Release and exhibition "The Illustrated Pocket Calendar 2015", Kulturreich Hamburg
September 2014 "Augen auf! Thomas Mann und die bildende Kunst", Group exhibition, Museum Behnhaus Drägerhaus and Buddenbrookhaus, Lübeck
August 2014 "Promenadenmischung", Group exhibition, Frappant Hamburg
June 2014 Crack! Festival, Forte Prenestino, Rom
April 2014 "Wünsch dir was aus der Wunderkammer", Group exhibition with Tapir & Klotz, Kulturreich Galerie Hamburg
January 2014 "Greyscale", Bandrelease and Group exhibition with Tapir & Klotz, Oberhafengalerie Hamburg

November 2013 "Denn er wurde gerade erst vermisst", Group exhibition and book release, Frappant Hamburg
November 2013 Release and exhibition "The Illustrated Pocket Calendar 2014", Die Herren Simpel, Hamburg
Oktober 2013 Comic Festival Hamburg: Strapazin exhibition "Fernsehserien", Affenfaust Hamburg
July 2013 LUKS No.2 Release, Lokal e.V., Hamburg
June 2013 Release and exhibition "Senfgurke Nr.7 Comicgedichte", Frappant Hamburg
June 2013 Crack! Festival, Forte Prenestino, Rom
February 2013 "Per Panels", Solo exhibition, Couch Kapitän Hamburg

2012 "Die Weihnachtsgeschichte als Comic", Hauptkirche St. Jacobi Hamburg
2012 Release and exhibition "The Illustrated Pocket Calendar 2013", Kulturhaus 73 Hamburg
2012 LUKS No.1 Release, Lokal e.V., Hamburg
2012 "2112 - A Hundred Years Later", Goethe Institut Bologna
2010-2012 "Ich oder Du?", Travelling exhibition
2010-2012 "Frische Tinte", Labyrinth Kindermuseum Berlin
2010 "Bestiarium MMX", Goethe Institute Bologna
2009 "Aufwachsen mit Kirsten Boie", Staatsbibliothek Hamburg